Top list of Blog Commenting Sites with High PA and DA

Blog Commenting is considered as Best off page SEO method for building permanent back-links. It involves the process of commenting on already exists Blogs over the Internet. Here we provide you the top list of blog commenting sites with high PA and DA. When you read articles on any blog, there is a form in the end with name, website URL, email address and a comment box to write your opinion regarding the article. This is the form which is used to comment on blogs.

There are Two Categories of Blogs – No-follow Blogs and Do-follow Blogs

The Blog which provides a Do-follow link is called Follow Blogs and the blogs which provide No-follow links are called No-follow Links. In order to check the type of a blog, just click on the commenters name and click on inspect element. The blog is providing no follow link if relation no-Follow attribute is used otherwise the blog is providing Do-follow link.

Some Guide Lines while Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is one of the best ways to boost search engine ranking with the help of high-quality permanent back-linksBlog Commenting brings real visitors to your website or blog if your comment adds the value to the article. Following are some guidelines for you keeping in mind while commenting-

  • Always comment on the blogs related to your website or blog. You should search related articles if you want to get back-links for your blog post.
  • You should always read the complete article before you comment. Always try to add a valuable comment. By doing this you can make a relationship with the audience of a particular blog.
  • Never post the one – line comments like “very nice post”, “nice information”, “lovely post”, “interesting post”, “thank you for sharing this nice article” etc.
  • In the present time, nobody is going to accept the keywords as a name. You should use a human name otherwise you may lose the chance of getting back-links.
  • Do not be Anonymous- You should use your own photograph not your company’s logo. Use your real name not something like batman or Spiderman.
  • Always use a Polite tone – You should abstain yourself from being abusive. Do not slag your Language, be generous and do not use Caps Lock while Blog commenting.
  • You should have an Idea regarding what you are going to comment. If you want to add extra information then Google it.

Following are the tested list of Top Blog Comments list with High PA and High DA
Something’s Happening

I wish that you will love this Do-follow blog list with high PA DA. Please update me using comments section if any one of my audience is having any other Do-follow Blog List.

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