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Digital Marketing plays a vital role for companies to learn how to succeed. Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands or products via electronic medias in one or more forms. Digital Marketing Strategy planning is more important and essential for beat competition. The success of a company depends on its ability to adapt the Digital Media.

Through digital media consumers can easily interact on global scale because from social network to phones to tablets the digital tools are available. Digital Marketing tools help your company to improve your marketing efforts and also help to save time and money.

The success of company depends on right strategy, because without right strategy you are wasting your resources and time. The key of success is to developing an understanding of your customers and identifying the goals witch you want to achieve, then selecting a best digital marketing strategy which helps you and you can easily reach your goals and target audience.

You should identify your strategy because it’s impossible to determine that the digital marketing tools help you to reach those goals.

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Developing a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy is as simple as:

  1. Identifying your target audience.
  2. Developing your organization goals.
  3. Designing and implementing a solid strategy for reaching those goals.
  4. Monitoring your strategy which you want to choose.

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan

The following steps show you, how you can create an effective and simple digital marketing plan to get going online & awareness

Where to Begin

A successful digital marketing strategy starts with having sense of three things:

  1. What are your organizations Goal which you want to achieve?
  2. Identifying your target audience.
  3. The particular value that you want to deliver.

Breaking down your plan into six elements: –

stands for Situation Analysis – which says where are we now?
O stands for Objectives which says where do we want to go?
stands for Strategy which says how we will get there.
stands for Tactics which says about the details of strategy.
A is for Action or implementation – putting the plan to work.
C is for Control which means monitoring, measurement, reviewing, modifying and updating.

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How we will get there?
  • External factors include:

Step 1:  Know the Target Audience intimately


Where are they from? Who are they? What they want? What newspapers & trade journals they are read? One way to define & understand your target audience through creates personas. Defining persona could be defining a specific person who may be interested in your service. Persona generally includes your buyer’s demographic info, needs, Biographical information and preferences to make it real.

Step 2: Spy on your Competitors (nicely)


First create a spreadsheet of your top competitors and research on them how they work to reach customers using the digital marketing channels. Be a private detective and do shopping with mystery and impersonate your customers to find your services or products online. Did you find yours first or theirs? If you find their first then try to understand how they make an online connections through digital channels. Write down the detail of each connection in your spreadsheet. This research helps you to prioritize your tactics in the next step. You can also use the SEO tools (Raven Tools) to get the need and understand which keywords & back-links are used by your competitors. You can also use the SEMrush marvelous for competitor’s research and Amazeballs Rival IQ saves the time of research.

Step 3: Prioritize Your Digital Tactics & Channels


You should understand each digital channel and think that how important and valuable these channels for your organization or business. Exp. Email Marketing, Google Plus, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The value can understand according to the Existing referrals, No of new leads, Percentage of new visitors, etc. Then think about the effort required to implement your plan through each digital marketing channel. The score of value-effort will show you the channel which represents “Quick Wins”. You should also think about the following things to narrow down the list.

  • Company Goals – What are the priorities for organization to achieve their goals? Education, Brand Awareness, Raw Traffic or Sales?
  • Budget – How much budget you have to spend on marketing effort(s)?
  • Available resources – What personnel or outsourced people and resources you have available?

Step 4 : Quick Wins

The variety of digital channels & tactics which are right for your business depends on your objectives & customers. For Example: if you want to generate or increase your sales & web traffic then the combination of Google plus, Search Engine Marketing & Email Marketing may be the best fit for your objective. If you want to increase your brand awareness & improve customer’s services then social media tactics is the best fit for your goal. In today world most of organizations have the variety of audiences & objectives in their business so take a ‘pick n mix’ approach for monitor results & test effectiveness.

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Step 5: Measuring Results

Measure Results webliquids

Build SMART efficiency signs and symptoms that are quantifiable and measurable. For Example:-

  • Boost online revenue by 20% from x to y
  • Enhance organic search traffic by 20%
  • Boost social media engagement on Fb by 25% quarterly

Step 6 : Is it Working?

Start testing, whether the marketing campaigns are worth the setup by tracking the Traffic, Goals and your overall conversions to see ROI. You can Use Google analytic or other metrics such as Facebook insights.

Step 7 : Monthly Review

Take Time and review your marketing campaign to see, if it gives you regular and desired results and make your campaigns to adapt the advantages of new Opportunities 

The right & best Digital Marketing Strategy is most important and useful for any organizations to achieve their goals and audience. A successful strategy always improves your business & brand awareness. So, always try to make a successful strategy and beware from your competitors.

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