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Web Designing Company in Chandigarh: In the digital world of today, each individual or each business have to survive and survivals is not easy without knowing some major tools. At Webliquids, which is a Website designing company in Chandigarh, we will give you all that major fundamentals that are going to help you to survive. For making yourself available on internet, you must have a website, to operate your business online. 

We Also Provide Training in Designing.

We provide Best & Affordable web designing services in Chandigarh/Mohali/Panchkula. Below are some important aspects to have website in today’s time.

Technologies We Work On

Photoshop, Php, Flash, HTML5, CSS Advanced, Dreamweaver, Front-end, Back-end, Database.

18 Benefits of Having a Website

8 Phases Quick-look - Web Designing Company Chandigarh

Phase 1

Project Defination

Project Defination

Phase 2

Project Scope

Project Scope

Phase 3

Site Architecture

Site Architecture

Phase 4

Visual Design

Visual Design

Phase 5

Site Coading

Site Development

Phase 6

Site Testing

Site Testing

Phase 7



Phase 8

Site Maintance

Site Maintenance

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Some FAQs - Web Designing Services

Well Customers Generally have their own domain name and hosting. In Case You are totally Novice and want us to Get one for you. We can Add Domain name and Hosting at additional Cost.

We are totally open as per you convenience. Call us @ +91-9501293387 to know more about pricing.

Yes!! We will include the basic SEO factor as a part of your website. So that it can be easily found by Google andother search engines.

Dynamic Websites are easier to handle. However in case you need static website, we can do that too.

Google Analytics as a Default.

Why Choose Us For Web Designing Company in Chandigarh | India

  • No Hourly Charges

    We do not opt for hour based flat price system or a complicated skill or effort based price calculation that keeps changing after the project starts.

  • We Create Experiences

    We believe in a way to work as understanding and planning. We just not create website for only Online presence, we also keep guiding and improving your online visibility maintenance by SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/SEM(Search Engine Media),Digital Marketing tools and keep updating your website performance with statics, so that you can quickly sell your product.

  • 100% Transparency

    ​Let’s face it: the Web Designing industry has some credibility issues. Transparency of process: We are very clear about what we do. So You have 24/7 access to your data (not just limited access)

  • We Ask, Listen and Understand

    We Ask and understand your needs. Giver it a Structural way and Produce a website that fulfill all your desire.

  • Exclusivity

    We’d rather decline their business than lose yours.

  • We Measure Everything

    Measuring means money in the bank.

  • Expertise

    We are Expertise in what we Do.

  • We provide quick response

    In Case you have decided to get a website NOW. WE can get you online as quickly as possible with in the manner of few weeks or sometimes few days, depending upon the web complexity.

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